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Wrap them up… Children’s Gifts you won’t find on Amazon!

Published Aug 26, 2022
Updated Aug 31, 2022
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This is how my search engine looks the minute a birthday invite slips down my house door or pops up on my chat. I have a toddler and my toddler has a social circle,  that I need to get along with it. Skipping a friend's promotion party or a house-warming for a toddler party is a common feature of my life these days? Sometimes, I am on a visit to friend or family member with a toddler. Oh! Wait it’s neither a party nor a visit its: Raksha-bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, Children’s day, whatever the case is, I won’t go empty hand? Will I?

A gift is a must. I open my cupboard and look at the pile of gifts my little one has received over months and years? A board game,  jig-saw puzzle, doll house, electric car, soft toys stare at me and wonder if they are about to be re-wrapped and re-gifted? No, I don’t want to pass on these redundant gifts.

Sigh!!! Only if? There were more options available for some creative, purposeful and exciting gifts. Believe me! I have done a lot of research when it comes to this. And I am glad that such gifts are available to our rescue. Where? You wanna ask.