Ganpati Bappa Morya!!! He is all set to arrive filling our minds with the lost fervour, charm and hope to outcast the gloom set since the outbreak of pandemic. We all love him, and he loves us equally. That is why he comes visiting us every year after forgiving our mistakes and rightly he is the loving Ganesha the lord of good, happiness, prosperity, and everything auspicious

A few things synonymous with this festival are the larger than life Pandals and their queues larger than the pandals, the lively markets, the ladoos, and mouth-watering modaks.

While Bappa has packed his bags and is already on his way to his 10-day annual visit, we can’t visit our friends and relatives at their house to meet and greet them. Children are missing their mini hop and off vacation to naani and nanaland, which implies major missing on sweets with elaborate meals, their warm cuddles, the hidden gifts and cash kept away from spying eyes.

Certainly, this year is gonna be a bit different as we are going to miss out on a few favourite indulgences. But we can always make the most of it. So, at SimplyDo we thought of adding some zest to your child’s holidays by featuring some activities to celebrate Ganesh chaturthi differently.

We added a two ingredients mouth-watering recipe of ladoos for your young munchkin to make it on their own with your guidance. Make some offerings to Bappa and then simply relish them (Click here, to view the activity). What more our salt-dough activity in the ART/DIY bundle will give you the perfect recipe to make a long-lasting dough. Make the salt-dough, design your idol, and give a coat of clear nail polish to preserve your Bappa for years to come (Click here, to view the activity). You can also make leaf Ganesha with our activity in the plant life bundle(Click here, to view the activity).

With the festivities smiling in every corner and brightening every face, everyone is geared up for the beloved lord’s pompous arrival. As he takes his seat, we pray to him to bring the world back to normalcy at the earliest and spread cheer everywhere.

Click here, to explore the Ganpati festival bundle.