Thomas Merton quoted, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose our selves at the same time.” Art is an expression. An artist uses his skill to express. But are expressions only limited to an artist? Every human has a way of expressing it, definitely may not come out as a beautiful painting on canvas, or a picture-perfect handicraft.

Art has so much to it. Art is boundless to any type or genre. An artist will express his joy through a happy painting, but a mother might express her joy by baking her child’s favorite cake on a gas stove. Even if she isn’t a pro at baking, she will make one and draw a smiley on it with some Jam. Bringing a character to plain roti by presenting it in a heart shape on valentine’s day is also an artistic expression of a loving partner.

There is a common notion that art just implies drawing, painting, sketching, or crafts works. Even in painting, there are various themes, like an abstract painting, nature painting, creative painting, dark painting.

When you use commonly used ingredients with a twist to make the dish more appealing to your child you just use your artistic side to cook. Sometimes, mothers cook up stories too while feeding their fussy eaters. Even that is an art to keep your child engaged and seated, instead of running with the food plate here and there.

You have usually used salt for cooking or maybe relieving the foot pain by adding it to warm water and then soaked your feet in it. How about using salt to create an art piece? Write your child’s name with glue on an art sheet. Let dry for a while, now sprinkle salt over the dried glue. Dust the excess salt. Take some turmeric mixed with water in a bowl. After the glue has dried completely, apply the turmeric water on dried glue. Watch a wonderful piece of art coming to life without using any crayons and paints.

Mix your 4 tablespoons of regular wheat dough, 2-3 drops of food color and 2 tablespoons of oil, knead a dough (don’t add water), and voila your home-made playdough is ready. Let your child play with the safest dough.

There are a numerous DIY activities waiting on your shelves, hiding in your store room. What’s the wait for? Explore the hidden art within.

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