Twinkle twinkle, little star, Machli jal ki raani hai, which was the first rhyme that you introduced to your little baby? Do you remember your child’s age when you introduced these songs and rhymes to your infant? As parents, we start with these age-old classics even before the child begins to respond through smiles and cooing. We sing them as lullabies too to comfort our napping babies.

Action songs and rhymes are inevitable to a child’s learning. Remember how we used to hop and jump with the rhyme, “Hop a little, jump a little.” Our cheeks would turn sore due to the constant pulling with “Chubby cheeks.” rhyme. Even today if we say chubby cheeks with melody, we are bound to pull our cheeks as a default action. These are the ever-lasting effects of action songs on our minds.

But why are these action songs and rhymes so important. Firstly, they build language and vocabulary skills. Your child will learn numerous words. Learning with music improves recalling ability. It also enhances hearing and visual skills. Coming to the action part, it helps the development of physical aspects. Eye-hand coordination, using various parts of the body together, knowing their names and functions.

For holistic development, we have specially curated a list of such action songs for you and your young learner. These action songs will take you through a learning journey of varied concepts. Teach your child parts of the body with head shoulders, knees, and toes. Introduce a railway station and the train leaving it through the wonderful train song, chai, chai, coffee, coffee. This karadi rhyme will fascinate your child and fuel imagination. Not only that it will inform the various terrains a train runs through, names of various cities of India.

Introduce our countries varied culture and languages, with, “My name is Madhavi” sung by none other than Usha Uthup. How about learning sea creatures with the help of wobbling slippery fish. My nephew loves it since the age of three.

Action songs and rhymes are always the most favourite of learning. It’s a fun and frolic time that every child looks forward too.

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