Renowned author Stephen King has quoted,” Books are uniquely portable magic.” And I totally agree with this. I introduced book reading to my son at the age of three. Children don’t read at three and I may sound to be bragging around. But you will agree that children by that age are already reading pictures and objects. A three-year-old cannot read the spelling of TREE or SUN but can certainly read pictures of a tree and sun.

Picture reading as it is called is the first form of reading that takes place much before reading letters, words, and sentences. After a child identifies letters and can make CVC words, comes the stage of language reading. With the help of related pictures and sight words, the child will soon begin to read small sentences. There are various books available in the market as well as on digital platforms that will help you to gradually develop a life-time hobby of book reading for your child. Begin with the simplest of books that has three to four words for on a page. Let pictures do the talking.

The age of 2 – 4 is also the ideal age to introduce moral values like sharing, respecting elders, manners to the budding minds. Reading stories will help them make associations with the real world. Also, they will let your child develop imaginary and creative skills. Some books like picture encyclopedia will help them know their world better. Identify your child’s interests so that the next time you visit a bookstore, you pick a right and attention-grabbing book. We all loved fairy tales. But do you know there are hundreds of Indian stories available on the web that are fascinating? Look at the specially curated list by our expert to help you know some of them.

From picture reading as a three-year-old to reading all the editions of “The Diary of Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney and classics like “The Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, my son has not stopped his reading journey. How about you marking the beginning of your child’s reading journey?