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Hire or Fire: The Right Nanny Checklist!

Published Jan 10, 2022
Updated May 17, 2022

I can hear silent claps and sighs of relief as I write this one! So much riding on this one important decision, when you have children – Hire or Fire a Nanny! 

So many of us, our professional lives, our household tasks and daily accomplishments ride on the presence of support staff! There’s no denying, they’re an integral part of our lives and often crucial systems crash because of their unavailability. 

With so much riding on the nanny we choose for our child, here’s a quick rundown on choosing / retaining / firing the nanny! 

SAFETY:TOP PRIORITY! Safety is a non-negotiable with children and hence these are most important!Yes
Safe, as a person(suitable to be consistently interacting with a young child)
Physically agile, to handle an emergency(catch a running child, physically handle in case hurt)
Mentally, alert and capable of handling mini-emergencies (playground situations, mosquito bites, fingers clasped in the door, road crossings)
Emotional connect with the child(caregiving is very personal, very heart-stringing. Does she have skin in the game, or is it just another job?)
Watches inappropriate content(Sexual content, porn, violent / abusive content)
PERSONAL LIFE & HABITS:Common issues around temperament and habitsYes
Personal issues spilling over to your child?relationships, breakups, legal hassles, we all have these troubles, however are her issues directly impacting your child?
Physical hygiene issues?Overall Hygiene, clothes, nails, dental health, body odour, all these matter!
Eavesdropping perpetually?Listening to conversations, interfering, talking about situations to others
Phone or TV obsessed?Demands excess phone time, wi-fi passwords, constantly on calls or phone viewing in the midst of work and child caregiving?
Inconsistent with showing up!Takes informed / uninformed / prolonged leave-from-work
Attention To Detail:Mindful about keeping away tiny parts, careful with broken toys, attentive to cars revving up on the road or a close by insect or danger. 
Assists with agreed choresMust have a discussion at the time of joining regarding expected and agreed tasks. 
Rapport:Has established an adequate familiarity and comfort with child, through play, interaction
Conversation: Connects with child through conversation and positive dialogue such as stories, sharing, discussing.