You will need:
Seeds that quickly germinate (soaked wheat/ fennel seeds/ pumpkin seeds), 2-3 earthen pots or containers, soil, water, calendar, marker, ice-cream stick.

Helpful information:
Plants need regular water, sunlight, air, and need to be kept safe from birds and animals.

Let’s Go:
• Begin by talking about the plants, ask the child if they are aware of plant growth, and what do they need to grow?
• Settle with the child. Keep all the materials ready. Give step by step instructions.
• Ask to add some soil into the pot, use fingers to make tiny holes in the soil, and put seeds in that holes and cover it. Water the soil and place the pot near the window for sunlight.
• Repeat the process with other seeds.
• Write the name of each seed on the ice- cream stick and put it in the respective pot.
• Encourage the child to water the pot every day.
• Compare the Growth: Once the seed turns into a sapling, the facilitator and the child mark the changes of the sapling on every Sunday. They can do this by marking the height of the plant or counting the number of leaves growing in the plant. The child can also create a chart for the same.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Observation skills
Math and Logic

Level: Moderate