You will need:
8 -10 tree leaves (preferably Peepal), a handful of split white udad dal, handful
of whole, black udad dal, ½ cup split masoor, red coloured clay, a steel plate/thali.

Collect 2 big and 6 medium sized leaves from a nearby tree.
Put dal in small bowls.

Let’s Go:
• Let the child spread the masoor dal in the thali.
• Refer to the image to make your leaf Ganesha.
• Give two medium sized leaves to the child and help the child to make Ganesha’s legs. (as shown in the picture)
• Assist the child to place ears, hands and face.
• Make eyes with white and black udad dal.
• Ask the child to place Ganesh’s trunk.
• Help the child to make a round bindi with the help of red clay and put it the forehead.

Physical skills
Cognitive skills

Level: Simple