You will need:
Paper, Crayons, Ruler, Marker

As shown in the picture: Make a grid and put a Bunny, a deer and a carrot in the squares in such a way that the carrot is in the middle of the bunny and the deer.

Let’s Go:
• Take the paper with prepared grid and settle with the child.
• Introduce the activity. Say that we will be helping the bunny and deer to reach the carrot.
• Let the child observe, as the facilitator marks the pathway for the bunny to reach the carrot.
• Ask the child to colour the squares which create the pathway for the bunny.
• Once the child completes colouring the bunny pathway, let the child mark the pathway for deer to reach the carrot. and then colour the squares of the deer pathway.
• Assist whenever needed.

Cognitive skills
Physical skills
Language skills
Logical and math skills

Level: Complex