You will need:
Slate, chalk, double line- red and blue line book, pencil.

Stage 1: Write Letter ‘A’ (uppercase) a few times on a slate. On the other side of the slate, write the lower case letter ‘a’.
Stage 2: Write Letter ‘A’ (uppercase and lower case) on a double line or red and blue line book with proper formation for the child to copy the same.

Helpful information:
The last step in introducing a letter is – Writing the letter.
There are 2 stages for this step. In the first stage, the child is tracing the letter with a crayon or chalk. Thereafter, in the second stage, the child is writing the letter on a double line or red and blue line book.

Let’s Go:
• Show the letter to the child. Ask the child to say the letter name and say its sound. Next, ask the child to identify the letter while the facilitator trace’s over their back using the pointer finger.
• Talk to the child about words with Letter ‘A’.
• Demonstrate how to trace the letter with chalk. Let the child trace as demonstrated. Assist the child when needed. Trace both upper- and lower-case letters.
• Stage 2: Show the four lines (red & blue) to the child. Demonstrate how to write the letter ‘A’ upper case and ‘a’ lower case in red and blue lines using a pencil. The facilitator can refer to the image for the reference. Ask the child to copy-write the letter for 6 to 8 times.
• Assist the child when needed.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Fine Motor skills
Spatial skills

Level: Moderate