You will need:
Newspapers, thin sieve, 2 containers, Mixer grinder, muslin cloth, towel, water, scissors.

Cut the newspapers into thin strips.

Let’s Go:
• Recall that recycling means changing a thing and using it again.
• Share that newspaper, which is a type of paper, can be recycled again and turn into a new paper. So, we give to the newspaper vendor, and they give it to the factories which turn the newspaper into a new paper!
• Ask the child to soak the newspaper strips in water for an hour.
• Involve them to transfer all the soaked paper in the mixer grinder. Grind and make it into a paste.
• Ask the child to put the sieve on an empty container. Add a muslin cloth on the sieve.
• Encourage the child to put the paste on the cloth, spread it evenly into a thin layer. Cover the paper mesh with a towel. The aim is to press out all the water from the paper mesh.
• Let the paper dry for 2 to 3 days.
• Once dry, ask the child to draw and colour on it.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Logic and Math skills

Level: Moderate