You will need:
Dupatta, glue stick, semolina or glitter, number 5 flashcard, 3 papers, sketch pen, and crayon.

Form number 5 with the Duppata – on the floor. On a paper, write number 5. On another paper, write number 5, a few times.

Helpful Information:
The last step in introducing a number is – Writing the Number Symbol.
In the first stage, the child is experiencing the formation of the number with their body.
In the second stage, the child is experiencing the shape with their fingers, i.e., tracing it.
In the third stage, the child is tracing over the number with a crayon/chalk on a surface.
The fourth stage is where the child can independently write the number.
The facilitator can use the different activities suggested in each stage for writing a numeral and can apply them for other numerals.

Let’s go:
• Stage 1: Make the number 5 symbol on the floor. Ask the child to identify it. Walk on the number 5 (the walk should exactly represent the way we write number 5). Ask the child to walk in the same manner.
• Stage 2: Write number 5 on a paper. Guide the child to trace glue stick and sprinkle glitter powder on it. Once dried, ask the child to feel the formation of the number.
• Stage 3: Give the paper with number 5 written on it. Demonstrate how to trace the number 5 with a crayon. Ask the child to trace over it with coloured chalk. Repeat the tracing with 5-6 coloured chalks.
• Stage 4: Tell the child to try to write number 5 on a paper on their own. Let the child practise writing the same.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Numerical skills
Physical skills

Level: Moderate