You will need:
6-7 vegetables, number flashcard 5.

Arrange 5 vegetables on the floor.

Helpful information:
Identifying the value of a number symbol is the third step in introducing a number. In this step, the child reads the number symbol and independently represents its value through drawing, actions, creating a collection of things of that value, or through a pen and paper activity.

Let’s Go:
• Show the number 5 flashcard to the child. Ask the child to identify it.
• Tell the child that we will hop 5 times. The facilitator and the child hop together.
• Ask the child to name any 5 vegetables (e.g. potato, onion, carrot, cabbage, capsicum ). Ask the child which vegetables do we keep in the fridge? Wait for the child to answer – capsicum, cabbage, carrot.
• Show the number 5 flashcard. Ask the child to identify the number and pick any five vegetables from the fridge and arrange them on the floor. Ask the child to count the vegetables that are arranged on the floor.
• Appreciate their efforts.
• Facilitator reinforce the concept by asking the child to draw five triangles or five slanting lines on a paper.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Numerical skills
Physical skills

Level: Moderate