You will need:
Flashcard of letter A (upper and lower case), chalk, cloth/dupatta, paper, semolina, glue

Write letter A (upper and lower case) on the floor with the help of a chalk.
Write the letter A (upper and lower case) on a paper to make a tracing card, apply glue over the letter, and stick semolina on it. (refer the image)

Helpful information:
Letter Formation is the third step in introducing a letter.
It focuses on experiencing the formation of the letter symbol.
Letter formation is experienced by the child in two stages in this activity. First, experiencing the formation of the letter with the body and big muscles, and secondly experiencing the formation of the letter using their fingers to trace.
Every time the same process must be repeated for upper and lower-case letters.

Let’s Go:
• Let the child take a look at the letters written on the floor. Ask the child to identify the letter and say its sound. Let the child walk on the letter exactly in the way we write the letter.
• Ask the child to remember words that start with the sound /a/, /a/, /a/. Give hints if required like, what does a woodcutter use to cut the wood (axe), a fruit we eat (apple), something we wear as jewellery on our ankle (anklet).
• Please refer to the image to explain the formation of the letter.
• Demonstrate the formation of the letter A with the dupatta. (The formation should be an exact representation of the way we write letter A) Ask the child to place the dupatta in the manner, 3-4 times while you give verbal instructions for the formation of the letter.
• Show the letter ‘A’ tracing – a card made with semolina. Demonstrate how to trace the letter on the tracing card, using the pointer finger. Repeat for lower case ‘a’ too.
• Practising as many times as required will be helpful. Assist the child if needed.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Fine Motor skills
Spatial skills

Level: Moderate