You will need:
Pape, Fork, Edible colours, apron, plate.

Make edible paint.
Put the edible paint in a plate.
Layout plastic sheets and newspapers.
Encourage the child to put on the apron.
Make a drawing on the paper before giving it to the child (e.g. A vase and the stems of flower)
Tape the art paper with the newspaper on the floor.

Helpful information:
Do not hold the child’s hand.
Take care of the child while using the fork.

Let’s Go:
• Demonstrate the activity first. Dip the fork in the paint first and press it on the paper (above the stem) to make a pattern of a flower.
• Let the child do it. Assist whenever needed.
• It is okay if the child is doing the printing anywhere on the paper.
• Encourage the child to wash hands after the activity (use the rhyme)

Aesthetic skills
Cognitive skills
Physical skills
Language skills

Level: Moderate