You will need:
Watermelon, a tray, apron, sieve, utensil, dish.

Cut the watermelon into pieces or slices and put it in a tray.
Arrange the activity at a place, where it is easier to clean.
Wash hands before beginning the activity.

Let’s Go:
• Assist the child to wear an apron
• Show the tray filled with cut watermelon pieces and demonstrate how to squeeze the watermelon. While doing so, draw the child’s attention towards the seeds.
• Let the child enjoy squishing the watermelon.
• Once the child has squished the watermelon, ask the child to collect the extracted juice.
• Young children can separate the juice and the seeds or leftover pulp with the help of a sieve. (Assist the child when needed).
• The sieve will hold the seeds, let the child play with them.
• With older children, try to remove the cover of the watermelon seeds and see what is inside.
• The child can create a collage on a paper with the watermelon seeds.

Observation skills
Cognitive skills
Language skills
Critical skills.
Fine motor skills
Maths and logic
Eye-hand co-ordination
Life skills (for older children)

Level: Simple