You will need:
1/4 cup chia seeds, 1 and a 3/4 cup water, food colouring ,3-4 cups corn starch, mould, conatiner

Mix the chia seeds, water and food colouring in a container
Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Uncover and add the corn starch a little at a time. About a cup at a time. Mix continously until you achieve the desired consistency. Should be like regular slime, Slimy but can be easily taken off the hands.
Store covered in the refrigerator. You will need to add a little water each time you take it out to use it. It will reactive/moisten the slime.

Let’s Go:
• Give the prepared slime to the child
• Let the child explore.
• Give the mould to the child and allow to use it for moulding the slime

Aesthetic skills
Cognitive skills
Physical skills
Language skills

Level: Simple