You will need:
Flashcard of letter A (upper and lower case), sketch pen, Chart paper, tape, chits of paper, small ball, or arrow made of stick.

Make a chart with images(drawn/pasted) of letter A friends, an apple, axe, ant, arrow, ankle, alligator. Label every image with its spelling. (Refer to the image to prepare the chart)
Stick the chart paper on a carton or a wall or door.

Helpful information:
Letter game is the second step in introducing a letter.
This step focuses on recalling the phonic sound of the letter, identifying the letter (upper and lower case), and revisiting the words beginning from the letter.
This is accomplished through play-based activities for the child.

Let’s Go:
• Show the prepared chart to the child. Inform the child that we are going to aim at the letter friends with a ball.
• Ask the child to read one image and word. Give the ball to the child and ask them to aim at that image.
• The facilitator also reads the same picture and word and aims at it. Emphasize on /a/ sound while reading the letter friends.
• Repeat the activity a few times and draw the child’s attention towards all letters starting with A.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Gross Motor skills

Level: Simple