You will need:
Number 5 flashcard, number 5 dot card, 6 -7 potatoes, 6-7 napkins.

Create or print a dot card of 5. Spread napkins on the floor

Helpful information:
Number counting is the second step in introducing a number.
This step focuses on understanding and practising the number value of a number symbol i.e. number 5 means 5objects.
The different types of activities shown in this step can be applied for other numbers too as per the facilitator’s wish.

Let’s Go:
• Show the number 5 flashcard to the child. Ask the child to identify it. Assist them if needed.
• Tell the child that we will jump 5 times and count it simultaneously. The facilitator and the child jump together.
• Dot card: Show the dot card. Encourage the child to put one potato on each dot and count simultaneously. Count each potato, as it is placed on the dot card. In the end, highlight that the child has placed five potatoes.
• Spread the seven napkins in a line, at an equal distance from each other, on the floor. Take the dot card and pick five napkins one after the other and place them on the dot card. Count the number aloud as you do the activity.
• Highlight, I have taken five napkins and show the number card of five again. Now put all the napkins back in a straight line and encourage the child to pick five napkins and arrange on the dot card. Ensure that the child assigns one number to each napkin. Count again and ask the child to pick the number 5 flashcard.
• The activity can be repeated with other objects too, e.g. bring Five spoons, get five puzzle pieces, etc.

Cognitive skills
Language skills
Numerical skills

Level: Moderate