You will need:
Tray, letter ‘G’ flashcards, any 5 real objects or flashcards of – green paint, gate, goat, game, garden, garment, girl, gold, gorilla.

Make flashcard – write an upper-case letter ‘G’ and the lower-case letter ‘g’ on 2 small papers. Arrange all the letter ‘G’ word objects in a tray for a story.

Helpful information:
Meet the Letter is the first step to introduce a letter.
This step focuses on introducing the letter symbol (upper and lower case), the sound of the letter ‘G’ (g-g-g), words beginning from the letter sound.

Let’s Go:
• Draw the child’s attention by announcing that its a storytime.
• Narrate the story to the child and flash the objects mentioned in the story. The facilitator can use the mentioned as a reference or can change as per the availability of objects at home
• Encourage the child to name each object and repeat the names of every object and emphasize the starting sound of the words e.g. /g/, /g/ garden, /g/, /g/ gate.
• Show the uppercase letter ‘G’ card to the child. Repeat the sound of the Letter as you show the letter ‘G’ and go through the letter friends again, /g/, /g/, garden.
• Share that ‘G’ is the mummy G, and ‘g’ is the baby g. For a quick recap, put the flashcards of mummy G and baby g. Ask the child to touch the flashcard and call it – mummy G/ baby g.
• End the activity, by naming the objects from the story.

Use This Story:
There was a girl named Geeta, and she loved playing in the garden with her friends Gauhar and Gaurav. One day Geeta wore a green coloured dress and was playing a game with her friends in the garden. While playing, her green dress got stuck to the garden gate. It was not coming out; hence Gaurav pulled it so hard that her green dress tore. Geeta was so upset that she stopped talking to Gaurav. Gaurav apologized and bought her a golden hairpin. Geeta was very happy to see her friend caring for her.
Recall the story by pointing on each letter G friend. Emphasize the sound of the Letter while labelling it. For instance, /g/, /g/ girl, /g/, /g/ green.

Cognitive skills
Language skills

Level: Simple