You will need:
Letter ‘A’ flashcards, any 5 real objects or flashcards of – arrow, apple, axe, ant, angle, ankle, astronaut, alligator

Make flashcards – write upper-case letter ‘A’ and the lower-case letter ‘a’ on two pieces of paper. Arrange all the letter ‘A’ word objects in a room.

Helpful information:
Meet the Letter is the first step to introduce a letter.
This step focuses on introducing the letter symbol (upper and lower case), the sound of the letter ‘A’ (a-a-a), words beginning from the letter sound.

Let’s Go:
• Draw the child’s attention by announcing that we will play a game – ‘Treasure hunt’.
• Let the child explore the room and walk around. Encourage the child to name each object found on the floor. Repeat names of every object and emphasize the starting sound of the words e.g. /a/, /a/, apple, /a/, /a/, arrow.
• Show the uppercase letter ‘A’ card to the child. Repeat the sound of the letter as you show the letter ‘A’ card and name the letter friends again. “A says/a/, /a/ arrow”.
• Share that ‘A’ is the mummy A, and ‘a’ is the baby a. For a quick recap, put the flashcards of mummy A and baby a. Ask the child to touch the flashcard and call it – mummy A/baby a.
• End the activity, by naming the objects found on the floor.

Cognitive skills
Language skills

Level: Simple