You will need:
Big clear storage box for each child, holiday string lights (yellow colour), clear tape and tissue paper or tracing paper, sand, marbles

Prepare the light table before the activity.
Line the inside of the box with the tissue paper and tape it to the edges. Then place the string of the lights inside the box and spread it around the box. Let the cord hang outside the box. Close the lid of the box. Then connect the plug to the socket and switch on the lights.

Let’s Go:
• Introduce the light table to the child. Let the child observe the light table and play with it for a while.
• Dim the lights to make it dark enough. Place a transparent container with sand and marbles on top of it. Let the child explore the sand and make patterns using the marbles. Ask the child if he can try to write any letter.
• Ask the child to notice how the sand changes when placed on the light box. Also encourage the child to observe how the marbles look different on the light table.

• Fine motor skills
• Cognitive skills

Level: Moderate