You will need:
Leaves, paper, glue

Collect 3 types of leaves, use vegetable leaves like spinach, methi, or any other according to the availability. Ensure that you have 4-5 leaves of every plant. (The child might tear them while exploring).
While choosing the leaves, ensure they are distinctively different from each other, in terms of size, shape, or colour.
Wash the leaves and dry them.
Take 6 – 8 paper cards.

Let’s Go:
• Show the 3 different types of leaves to the child. Let them feel and smell the leaves.
• Invite the child to stick a leaf on a paper card. Make 2 cards for each type of leaf, Example: 2 cards having spinach leaf, 2 cards having methi leaf.
• Once the glue dries, demonstrate the game to the child. Place the 6 cards upside down, and play it like a memory game. Show the child all cards then turn the card upside down (leaf-side hidden towards the floor).
• Every player tries to find the pair to their leaf. Once you find a pair, the player keeps that pair. The one with maximum pairs of leaves wins.
• Play the first round of games with the child for the child to get acquainted and then play till the child wants.

Observation skills
Cognitive skills
Language skills

Level: Moderate