You will need:
cardboard / thick paper, woollen thread / streamers, child-friendly scissor

Helpful information:
Supervise the activity as children are using scissors.

Let’s Go:
•Make 2 smiley faces out of thick paper/ cardboard by cutting it around and giving it features like eyes, nose and a smile. Stick long woollen hair on the head. Keep the hair length similar.
•Show the child the faces. Pick one and comment that the doll’s hair is very long; please cut it short with a scissor. Assist if required.
•Then show the child the other smiley face (the one which still has long hair) and compare the length and talk about long and short.
•Encourage the child to compare the length of hair of any 2 persons in the house.

Cognitive Skills
Language Skills
Visual skills
Fine motor skills

Level: Simple