You will need:
1 big bowl, 1 small bowl, 10-15 rubber bands, ice-cream stick or pencil, water.

Take a big bowl with water filled up to its half level. Add rubber bands in it.

Helpful information:
Children have a basic understanding of few and more from a very young age. we can strenghten this concept by creating opportunities for them by using the terms less and more and talking about quantities with them.

Let’s Go:
• Show the bowl with rubber bands to the child.
• Demonstrate the activity. Dip the ice-cream stick in the big bowl and try to remove one rubber band from it. Transfer the rubber band in the empty small bowl.
• Ask the child to repeat the same. Assist the child when needed.
• Talk about quantities: For example,
You fished out 2 rubber bands at a time.
You have collected ____ number of rubber bands.
There is little water left in the bowl.

Fine motor skills
Eye-hand coordination
Sensorial skills
Math and Logic skills.

Level: Simple