Activities 12-24 Months

For a happy child give your quality time and a dozen of creative activities.  Tape an old newspaper to the floor as their canvas board and let them paint it with their hands and feet. See the priceless happiness on their face with the fun they have. Want more such activities?

Activities 0-12 Months

Within seconds of their birth a baby learns to take its feed, warm up to the touch of caregivers and sleep when rocked gently by them. Teach them a lot more. Our follow the sound activity lets them develop some concentration and auditory skills. Coloured ice cubes will give a lot of sensorial experience.

Activities 5-6 Years

By the age of 5 most children already consider themselves as a biggie. Boost this biggie confidence by seeking your child’s help to plan a menu an upcoming event at home. Teach them to tie a shoelace for self-care skills. Or teach them about a body part with my lungs activity.

Activities 4-5 Years

Fuel your growing learners’ knowledge with our interesting activities. Let them play with their shadows while learning about light. Make a letter dice for them and play some letter games. Teach them big, medium, and small with the humble bowls and glasses from your kitchen or introduce vowels with a crocodile puppet.

Activities 2-3 Years

Two to three-year-olds are full of curiosity to learn and explore. Give them enough opportunities with our activities. Let them do some bubble-wrap painting and observes the textures or let them help you to wring some clothes to understand dry and wet while improving their fine- motor skills.

Ganpati Festival Celebration

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!! He is all set to arrive filling our minds with the lost fervour, charm and hope to outcast the gloom set since the outbreak of pandemic. We all love him, and he loves us equally. That is why he comes visiting us every year after forgiving our mistakes and rightly he is […]

Activities 3-4 Years

Make your child’s learning exciting and concrete at the same time. Let them first learn letter formation by tracing letters in a plate filled with salt. Introduce numbers with our interesting activities. Pluck some leaves and make a leaf memory game to improve their observation, memory, and concentration skills.

Letter Introduction

Here’s the A-Z of activities for your little learner with 4 steps for every letter. 1) Introduce the capital and small letter with the sound.2) Play a game to help the child learn words from that letter.3) Let the child learn letter formation with a dupatta, ice- cream sticks or simply write the letter on […]

Number 0-9

Introduction of single digits number is the foundation of developing math. Though math has various other concepts, its primarily the number game. Learn about sequencing the numbers, number lines, number values and more. Understand the number zero and its value. Click here, to read a quick guide.