Brain Building

When caregivers are sensitive and responsive to a young child’s signals and needs, they provide an enriched environment for the child (Harvard University). SimplyDo activities are designed to provide ample food for Brain Building.​

At Home

SimplyDo much more with your child in the comfort & safety of your house. All this without compromising on learning experience while using new ideas. As per WEF, technology and advances in E-Learning will play a significant role going forward.​


SimplyDo activities are researched & carefully curated by experts from the Industry. These activities have stood the test of time and are easy to adopt & implement with your child

Low Screen - Time

SimplyDo activities using physical resources, nearly all the time. Though we do encourage you to view, engage and play alongside your child while using the Digital Content as prescribed by WHO, AAP & NAEYC.​

About Us

Graded learning for your child

The human brain undergoes an astounding period of development, in the earliest years, producing more than a million neural connections each second.**

SimplyDo is a treasure-trove of 2500+ Early Learning activities for parents to “SimplyDo” at home, with their young ones from birth to 6 years. Carefully curated by experts, these activities act as a catalyst for neural connections.

SimplyDo activities are Ready-to-Go, keeping in mind children’s developmental goals and complimenting Pre-School Learning right inside your home, with the freedom to pick and choose the Skill, Knowledge, Interests and Resource.

So, let’s SimplyDo!

** Source:  Centre on the Developing Child – Harvard University

SimplyDo & make your child's learning delightful!

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Graded Learning

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